Rehab for the Boring Dad

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So, you’re busy. And you’re tired. And your stressed. But, your daughter wants you to lay on the floor for thirty minutes while she builds a block castle over you, and you’re trying to find and excuse to say no when she asks you to stand up real fast so blocks can explode everywhere, because all you can think about is chores you haven’t done, responsibilities that you don’t know when you’re going to find time for, and you just know you are the one who’s gonna have to clean up all these blocks, because it’s gonna be easier than getting the little to do it!

And all this stress and inner turmoil reduces down to one horrid feeling while you are trying to play and give your little the attention you know they need: I am so bored.

And after you say “Not right now” or “No, daddy has to work” or “No, you’ll make a mess” or “Just watch some cartoons” or “Dad’s too tired” or “We’ll play tomorrow”…The accummulation of all your little’s disappointments and broken hearts will reduce down to one feeling:

Dad is boring.

These article are about ways to squeeze in that playtime