Rehab for the Boring Dad

Boring Old Mattress

“The Poor Man’s Trampoline”
“The Boring Bounce House”

Featured Bore

The Spaghetti Race

Rule #1
The food stays on the place mat.
Rule #2
The food must stay on the place mat!

Featured Bore

Boring Bungee Cord

I like to imagine her one day replacing a broken serpantine belt with a pair of panty hose, replacing a blown fuse with a soda can tab, and driving her and her friends to safety.
Think of it as McGeyver training.

Featured Bore

Stay Out

…of my office.
Dad doesn’t want
in there?
It must be fun

How to Bore

Post-Its R Boring

Boring Idea

Pink Matter

“When [flamingoes]
eat the shrimp
they get pinker…
and smarter.”

Say Again?

Yard Poop

“No, You can’t poop in the front yard and decorate it!”
“Well, I didn’t know that.”

Boring Story

Bonks Happen

Goose Eggs,
and Lumps!


Child Directed Play

Most of the time you can just relax,
sit down, or my favorite, lay down
on the floor and just talk to them.
Eventually, they will tell you what to do.

Boring Experts