Rehab for the Boring Dad

Kisses R Boring

I think this began during bed time one night.  She asked for a “hug and kiss” for the ump-teenth time in her contimueing attempt to delay her mom and I from leaving the room for bedtime.

My wife will tell you…I am an enabler.  I saw an opportunity to teach her something new.  I ducked under the bunk bed, gave the hug, and said, “Do you know what an eskimo kiss is?”


“It’s so cold where eskimo’s live that they can’t kiss on the lips, cause their lips will freeze together!”

“What!? And they get stuck like that forever?!”

“Yeah.  So eskimos have to kiss by rubbing their noses together.  Like this.”

And I showed her.  She laughed.  Her mom and I eskimoed.  She asked her mom to eskimo kiss her.  It went on a few minutes, all of us rotating the eskimos.

Then it was time for us to say our goodnight again.  I, again, agreed to check on her.

At the time, my only drive was to make bedtime a positive thing.  Now, our family has a “catalog” of weird kisses, including, but not limited to, the moose kiss, the fish kiss, and her favorite, the unicorn kiss.